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Surprisingly, there is only 2.5kg difference between these two pics.

For Sieraya’s first results blog, see here.

This girl, what a trooper. She has had an intense year, working 50hrs a week managing her own gym with lunch hours worked at her desk, long commutes to work and back, and the stress that comes with all of this and the job itself. She has had ups and downs over the past year and a half (since her last results blog) and not all of her work has been in the right direction. But, that hasn’t stopped her. And it’s showing through in her work, which is steadily moving in the right direction.

Now for some quick stats:

Her first pics on the left have her bodyweight at 78.3kg and her bodyfat percentage at 35%

While the pics on the right have her bodyweight at 75.8kg and her bodyfat percentage at 26%

That’s a loss of 9% bodyfat while only losing 2.5kg. What has been most interesting about her results is that since her last results blog she has put on 5kg of muscle and has lost a further 1.5% bodyfat.

The change has come from utilizing metabolic resistance type training programs and dietary strategies such as low carb, intermittent fasting and such to more bodybuilding/volume based programs that focus on heavier weights and less cardio based training, coupled with high protein diets with moderate carb intake and low-fat. Now, a sidenote, the aforementioned strategies are useful, particularly if you are looking to lose a lot of bodyfat quickly and aren’t overly concerned with keeping as much muscle mass as possible. For example, the pic below has Sieraya at a lower bodyfat percentage than she is now, and looking “smaller” but that is not necessarily what Sieraya wants, she wants muscle mass, she wants to be lean and muscular, a hard combination to be sure, that takes much more nuance.

FullSizeRenderOn the left she is 69kg with a bodyfat percentage of 23%

On the right she is 74kg with a bodyfat percentage of 26%

As you can see from the two pics together, that while she was leaner and lighter in the pic on the left, she doesn’t have the same kind of curvature and musculature as she does on the right. And these are things we have worked on together as we get results from different programs and methodologies, as we find what works for her to get her the results she is looking for.

The same goes for her strength and indeed her training ethic, in the videos below we get a glimpse of the hard work she’s put in with her strength training, as well as her hypertrophy/volume work. And let me just say, some of her high volume hypertrophy programs have been just as grueling as some of those metabolic resistance workouts (as you can see with her German Body Composition video).

I couldn’t be prouder of Sieraya and I look forward to the coming months of training as we start a new block.


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It’s been a little while since I’ve done one of these, and this one is a great place to pick them up again. Sieraya is a fan of the gym, to be sure, and it’s safe to say she knows her way around, she’s a PT herself, runs PT and classes out of Live Fitness in Northbridge (so go see her!), has dabbled recreationally in many forms of weight training, and interval training, she is a true student of strength and conditioning. Her and I have been training off and on again for several months, and in that time we have periodized through different blocks, starting at a general adaptation phase, moving to a hypertrophy phase, followed by a strength phase moving onto a metabolic phase. After this week took a hiatus and have since started up again, beginning with a general adaptation phase, but as part of a second block of training, this means there is some level of progression, to account for her elevated fitness levels.

The pics and data I am about to share are from a few months ago, this is simply because I took my sweet ass time getting my act together to get this blog done, we are currently re-assessing and taking more progress pics to hopefully see further development as she traverses the torment that is her block 2 progression. So, without further adieu let us look at her figures:

Sieraya 19/9/14 assessment

Weight: 71.8kg
Height: 167cm

Chest: 93kg
Legs: L61cm R62
Arms: L28cm R28cm
Stomach: 73cm
Glutes: 101cm

Triceps: 16mm
Biceps: 8mm
Subscap: 16mm
Iliac crest: 25mm
Total: 65mm
Bf%: 31%

Sieraya 6/11/14 assessment
Weight: 70.9kg (down 1.1kg)
Height: 167cm

Chest: 94cm
Legs R: 62.5cm L: 58cm
Arms: R: 28cm L: 28cm
Stomach: 71cm
Glutes: 102cm

Triceps: 15mm
Biceps: 6mm
Subscap: 11mm
Iliac crest: 20mm
Total: 52mm
BF%: 27.5 (down 3.5%)

What is most interesting and amazing about Sieraya’s results are that her bodyweight and girths (re: essentially her muscle mass, if we could take some liberties in defining them as such), stayed the same, dropped slightly or in some cases slightly increased. Now, this could simply be measurement error, but what is most striking is that her bodyfat percentage dropped 3.5%! Hardly within the plus or minus of error we might have seen demonstrated in the other figures we have. What does this mean, simply put? It means that she essentially gained muscle while losing fat. What is even more interesting is that the pictures presented here do not correlate with our figures, that is you can see a marked decrease in bodyfat from the pictures on the left to the right, but our figures are closer to that starting with the figure on the right. It means of course that Sieraya has managed to go from her starting body shape, to the picture on the right, and beyond with our measurements showing even more fat loss occuring later. This is indeed a great effort from her, and I’m excited to see what the next lot of pictures will show us with her progress.IMG_8958

Stay tuned, and as they say: “watch this space.”

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